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These aren't going on Ao3 as they cover the same ground as stuff in a longer fic I'm working on. It was helpful to work these threads out separately as my brain struggles to know how to approach longer works for various reasons.

Healing - double drabble for the 'whistle' challenge at fan_flashworks. The fic it's sort of part of turned into an exploration of several gender and related masculinity concepts, and the part about Hannibal finding a crappy place for Will to fix up so he doesn't get distracted while Hannibal recovers sort of got lost in that. Also, I have no chance of finishing it before the deadline!

Spontaneous - 300 word side quest fill on fic_promptly. It's a bit sparse, but it was useful having a restriction. This is part of the mildly-genderqueer Will thread in the longer fic.
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Afterlife, Alison, Anonymous phone call
Black Sails, Flint/Miranda, Surrender (pegging)
Boondock Saints, evil twin
BtVS, Willow, prepare for the worst
Person of Interest, Shaw/Root, casually cruel
Person of Interest, Shaw, comfort on a lonely night
Scott and Bailey, Janet, I have decided to put myself in charge
Sense8, Kara and Capheus, curled up with a good book
XCOM 2, How did that happen?
XCOM 2, I won't go peaceful

And a couple of original ones based on my own characters from a never-ending NaNoWriMo.
living in another reality and family matters


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