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Title: By Way of Pain
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Pairing: Hannibal/Will
Rating: Mature
Length: 3700
Content notes: Caning, flogging, suspicious bodily fluids in food, brief knife/bloodplay
Author notes: For fic_promptly, prompt 'from pain to pleasure', and the whipping/flogging square on my Kink Bingo card. Part of the 'Refuge Ficlets' series but stands alone as well. Huge thanks to victorine for the beta, she is an absolute star!
Summary: Will has had a lousy day. Hannibal gives him all the things he needs and can't ask for.

Also on Ao3 here.

By Way of Pain we Come to Pleasure )
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Title: Too Great For the Eye of Man
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Pairing: Hannibal/Will
Rating: Explicit
Length: 7000
Content notes: Mild informal D/s dynamic, established relationship, blood, implied cannibalism and references to domestic violence
Author notes: Title borrowed from William Blake (The Marriage of Heaven and Hell). Written for the prompt 'Wolf' at [community profile] fan_flashworks here. I went with 'wolf in sheep's clothing'. Also for my kink_bingo squares 'vanilla kink' and 'danger'. Immense thanks to victorine for the beta and invaluable feedback.
Summary: Will and Hannibal are on the run, and head off to spend a summer in the UK to put any pursuers off the scent. Of course, where Hannibal is concerned, it's never that simple.

Now archived on Ao3 here.

Too Great for the Eye of Man )


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