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I haven't written fic for a while, and I miss it. The plan is to find some prompts/communities that will encourage me to do a little writing at least a few days a week.

My main fandom of choice at the moment is Hannibal. I'm still in the swoonily-in-love phase, which looks like it may never end. I'm particularly fond of Hannibal/Will, but almost all the characters interest me in some way.

Blanket permission is given for podficcing, remixing, illustrating or whatever you like. This includes anything posted here, on prompt communities, tumblr (moorsmist) and Ao3 (caveat_lector). For podficcing, feel free to make any necessary alterations and just note that you adapted it. Creative freedom is all. I love listening to podfics myself so links will be enthusiastically received if you record anything, but that's not a requirement.

Obligatory (?) personal info - non-binary/genderqueer, pansexual, writer, occasional artist, dog lover, committed procrastinator and daydreamer.

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